Killbot 2!

2012-04-26 16:42:46 by PIXELWELDERS

So, here's the thing. Thanks to all the feedback I received on Killbot, I'm working on a sequel. PART TWO OF A KILLOGY.

I'm adding:
- new powers (thumbtacks!)
- vehicles (tanks!)
- characters(baby killbots!),
- robotic love (fembots?)
- other things (yet to be determined!)

The point? I NEED FEEDBACK. I want to make a game that people want to play. I'm posting stuff as fast as I make it on my Facebook page, but I need people to tell me what they think. So if you like Killbot and you want to be involved in the sequel, Like me on Facebook and it'll let you know every time there's something new in the game (1-3 times per week, probably).

Thank you, everyone. U.S. Killbotics over and out.

Killbot 2!